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Milking Competition
I am looking for stallion owners who are willing to supply their stallion for a public milking competition.

I would like to hold off a public milking competition in which 5-10 people milk off stallions, or in other words, collect their semen. Whoever can bring a stallion to ejaculate, or in other words, milk him off the quickest wins. No aids or helping materials are allowed, no teasing mare nor urine of a mare, nor artificial vaginas or any other technical or chemical aids. Milking is to be done exclusively by hand. Who cannot reach the goal in that manner might be allowed to use a bucket of warm water and a soft rag to help. But that will give a time penalty.

The idea is to promote and make better known the simple milking of stallions by hand as a more ethical, more humane, more according to animal protection and more appropriate to animals alternative to the severe bodily, sexual and mental mutilation of castration. And to increase its public acceptance and to encourage a public discussion and debate about it.

The background is that people who castrate horses keep claiming in an abusive manner, that supposedly they have to mutilate their stallions in a very severe sexual and bodily manner without any kind of medical necessity, because they don't want to breed with him and he therefore supposedly would "suffer" from unsatisfied sexual needs. The castration would happen, as is claimed in an abusive manner, "to the benefit of the stallion". This striking false claim should have its basis removed to the benefit of animal dignity and animal protection, as well as its development by public satisfaction of stallions and by showing how easy that is.

For this I am looking for stallions and support / interested people. If interested, please contact me by the email address supplied in Contact.